User Enrollment

Enrollment Stores No Actual Fingerprint

Upon user enrollment, the Digitus Biometrics fingerprint reader creates a multi-point schematic of the user’s biometric fingerprint profile, which it stores as a 384-byte fingerprint template. This template will be matched to the user’s live fingerprint each time that user seeks to gain access. At no time is a fingerprint stored in the system.


Easy-to-Use Fingerprint Identity

To gain access via the Digitus system, a user places a finger on the fingerprint reader (along with entering a PIN and/or presenting an access card if desired). If the fingerprint data perfectly matches the stored fingerprint template, the reader unit sends an encrypted “open door” command to the control unit. The unit then opens the electric lock and logs the date/time of the user entry.


Finger Fraud Protection

Due to Digitus’ precise, proprietary fingerprint recognition technology, fake fingers, the wrong finger, or a finger of someone deceased cannot fool the system and open doors to access secured areas.


Emergency/Breach Detection

In the case of forced entry or a security breach of any kind, the authorized person may place on the reader a “duress finger” programmed into the system to send an alert to security personnel.


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