Protecting Your assets with our solutions

Digitus released a state-of-the-art data center cabinet lock in 2010, allowing us to put a one-of-a-kind data center security solution on the market. Since then, we have been refining our technological capabilities to release a diverse range of new products. However, the core identity that made that first security solution so groundbreaking has held true throughout all of our systems – Digitus Biometrics’ products are not one-size-fits-all.  We tailor each deployment to the specific needs of our customers.

Every organization has unique physical access control requirements, and our solution lineup is designed to ensure that our customers get exactly what they desire, not just an out-of-the-box combination of locks and software.

At Digitus, we focus on creating robust, custom solutions because we know physical security serves as a critical line of defense against data theft. Such an incident can cripple your business and impact it for years into the future. At the same time, many organizations need to control access throughout their buildings – not just in the data center. We offer a holistic solution model that can protect your business in diverse ways.

We’ve worked with businesses facing some of the most stringent security requirements in the world, and our solutions have proven integral in helping them protect IT assets. Our solutions come in three forms:

Server Rack Access Control
Controlling movement within a data center is critical. It is also mandated by a wide range of regulatory standards. Our server rack access systems can serve as multi-factor authentication solutions that can be deployed to meet your specific requirements.

If you need an end-of-row system, we can do that. If you need different locks through a shared rack, that’s an option. If you want to manage all locks in your facility from a central terminal, that’s possible. We can support biometrics, keycards, passcodes or other access control methods, ensuring that you get two-factor authentication no matter what locking system you choose.

Our different server rack access products can be integrated with one another and with a diverse range of lock types.

Products in our Server Rack Access line include:

  • db Bus – A system that works from a bus controller to offer access control for up to 64 server cabinet locks from a single power supply and Ethernet connection.
  • db Cabinet Sentry – A Power-over-Ethernet-enabled lock that puts fully featured access control functions into an energy- and cost-efficient package.
  • db Enline – A​ data center access control platform that can work with db Bus to provide end-of-row security functionality.
  • db Locks – We offer standalone biometric, RFID card, iCard and electronic locks for organizations without the budget or fiscal footprint for a more robust system.
  • db Mobile Authenticator – Ultra-secure encrypted optional mobile access via smartphones
  • db BioConnect – Provides seamless integration with major enterprise access control systems

Building Access Control
IT assets are not the only mission-critical items requiring protection. Many businesses face regulations, security challenges or asset protection requirements that mandate they carefully manage how people can move through their buildings. Research organizations handling sensitive scientific data, manufacturers, health care facilities, academic institutions, IT service providers and many other organization types need to offer physical protection throughout their facilities.

Just as in the data center, we offer solutions ranging from simple locks to the ability to create man traps and automatically document who has opened doors and when they entered and exited different parts of your building.

Products in our Building Access Control platform include:

  • db Nexus – A networked access control platform that lets you manage every facet of your system from any Web-connected device.
  • db Nexus Duo – Get the core functions of db Nexus, but with the addition of advanced features like anti-passback systems.

Our Customized Solutions are built to your unique requirements
Digitus access control technologies integrate with building management systems and are constantly being finely tuned to support new requirements.  As far as our technology is concerned, you are guaranteed (literally) to pass your security audit, fulfill your security plan, and meet all compliance regulations with Digitus.  Our solutions may also be mixed and matched with one another to meet your specific needs. At Digitus Biometrics, our culture is built around offering the best-in-class, best available on the planet…so long as that planet is Earth. If you can imagine securing it, Digitus will make it happen.