Data center physical security is a priority in sectors ranging from health care to cloud computing. Any organization with a data center is hosting sensitive information, and building access control isn’t enough to keep data safe. Server cabinet access control plays a critical role in protecting against insider threats by ensuring users only have access to systems they are authorized to interact with, and proving who does what, when.

Our server cabinet access control platform will give you:

  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Seamless enterprise access control integration
  • Freedom to manage the system through a central software platform
  • Convenience for end users
  • A built-in audit trail
  • A minimal hardware footprint within server cabinets

At Digitus Biometrics, we have created a culture of innovation within the access control industry. We got our start with a server rack security solution that has proven the foundation for innovation across the sector. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice simple management to take advantage of complex locks. You shouldn’t have to settle for an out-of-the-box solution when you need a custom access control platform. And most of all, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your data and IT assets because advanced access control technologies are out of your reach.

Digitus Biometrics Server Rack Access – Getting a Technological Advantage
Here are a few of the underlying technologies and products that you can combine within our Digitus db ServerRack Access Control product family to achieve the highest levels of physical rack security:

Biometric locking mechanisms are no longer exclusive to the extremely secure research and government facilities that you might stumble upon in a sci-fi movie. Fingerprint scanners are highly effective, cost-efficient and easy-to-use solutions that can be combined with electronic locks to provide multi-factor authentication.

We offer a solution that allows remote fingerprint enrollment for offsite users. There’s also the ability to register duress fingers to thwart forced entry. And very important to HR, Legal and certain public policy, our fingerprint process captures no PII.

We are not a company to rest on our laurels. We are constantly working to integrate new biometric scanning methods into our lock solutions and can help you find the best way to use biometrics within your specific operational scheme.

Bus architectures
Our db Bus product line allows you to use a centralized bus architecture to manage an entire server cabinet – letting you control as many as 64 locks and 9,500 user credentials within a single bus. This system also allows a single power supply, controller and Ethernet connection to support up to 32 cabinets. This is where convenience and sophistication intersect, letting you establish high-level server cabinet security without sacrificing process efficiency or creating a complex hardware architecture.

Built-in audit trails
Regulatory compliance is a huge security priority in many industries, and frameworks like PCI DSS, HIPAA and FISMA all prioritize effective access control. Our system automatically documents:

  • Which cabinets are unlocked.
  • Who has accessed cabinets.
  • When cabinets have been opened and closed.

With an indisputable audit trail that is backed by the credentials that the system gathers about each user, you can rest assured that your access control system will stand up to any regulatory scrutiny.

Advanced server rack locks
Our locks give you flexibility to customize how user authentication takes place. A wide range of authentication methods can be used, depending on your operational requirements.

Working with Digitus Biometrics
At Digitus Biometrics, we tend to get excited about our technology – we take pride in the way our state-of-the-art solutions create new standards in the access control space. But our passion for technology would be meaningless if it wasn’t accompanied by our focus on the customer experience. In fact, our emphasis on providing the best technology comes from a desire to give customers the most powerful security solutions in the world.

We understand that not every organization has the budget to invest heavily in access control. We know that physical space limitations are a major problem in just about every data center. We also know that plenty of organizations are trying to support multi-tenant facilities where access control requirements become incredibly complex. These problems drive us to excellence and our ServerRack Access solution platform stays ahead of industry and the needs of our customers.

The value of information in data centers make rack security, not just building security, critical. Working with Digitus Biometrics will give you access to the combination of technology and customer-centric solution delivery models that you need to deploy an easy to use, but powerful access control platform.