db Locks

When you’re building a sophisticated access control system, you don’t just want to install some ordinary locks. You need the best available, and we can combine a variety of core technologies to give you the solution you need. We offer a variety of lock types that can be combined to give you multi-factor authentication in the data center. 

The lock formats we have available include:

db CardLock2

db CardLock

Basic locks let you use a keycard that is programmed with user credentials to open the doors that individual is authorized to access. The solution is ideal as a simple access control layer, but can become difficult to manage as more nuanced policies start to emerge.

All users need to do is swipe the card and they have the access they need.

db Biolock2

db BioLock

A biolock solution represents the cutting edge of what is available in the industry. A fingerprint cabinet lock system can help you protect your data assets with ease.

Fingerprint solutions ensure that a worker always has his or her keys on hand, making it much easier to adjust authorizations – you only need to change credentials to the lock, you don’t need to give users a new keycard.

The db BioLock system can store prints for up to 10 fingers per user, and you can set specific fingers aside for quick authorization during emergency situations. 


db iCardLock

iCard solutions provide the end-user simplicity offered by traditional keycards, but with the benefits of RFID technologies. iClass cards will emit an RFID signal that interacts with the lock, with the frequency of the signal determined on a user-by-user basis. This gives you more flexibility – you don’t need a new card when authorizations change, just adjust the RFID frequency – and you get that flexibility while creating a simple end-user experience.

dbELock 2

db ELock

We pride ourselves on offering our customers multi-factor authentication, and the ELock system is what makes that possible. The electromechanical cabinet lock lets you use a combination of fingerprints, keycards, iClass cards and traditional keycards.

More coming on the horizon
These core server rack locks give you precisely what you need to protect data assets, but technology is constantly evolving, and we’re on top of that growth. We are integrating new biometric methods into near-future solutions and working tirelessly to improve our solutions.

Interoperability a priority
Our locks are designed to work in either existing server racks and cabinets or custom solutions. They are also interoperable with EMKA electromechanical swinghandle, Rittal Comfort handle and Southco H3-EM swinghandle locks.

You are our priority, and our diverse range of locks gives you the freedom to use our technology to get the access control functionality you need in the data center. Whether you are trying to install new locks on existing server cabinets or build a custom solution for a new facility or infrastructure refresh, we have the systems you need to establish a robust security system.