The db Nexus Duo solution is precisely what you need when you want to take security to another level. A good access control platform plays an integral role in helping you secure your facility, and db Nexus Duo gives you a solution built out of more than a decade’s worth of experience and some of the most advanced technologies on the market.

With db Nexus Duo, you get all of the features that come with db Nexus, along with a few key features.

Digitus Nexus Duo-01

Advanced capabilities of db Nexus Duo
A few of the most advanced db Nexus Duo capabilities include:

  • Mantrap door system creation – Organize locks and control them to create mantraps in the event of an emergency.
  • Anti-passback support – Prevents re-entry unless user has re-authenticated his or her identity.
  • Overrides – Ability to override anti-passback systems, dual-authentication requirements and other nuanced systems in real time based on specific conditions.
  • One-click system lockdown.
  • Forced/propped door detection.

Take control of your building
There’s more to protecting your building than locking doors, turnstiles or any other human gateway. The db Nexus Duo platform gives you all the functionality you need to control every facet of movement through your facility and make sure all of your assets are safe.

Check out the db Nexus Duo product sheet for all of the technical and use details of the solution.