Many data center operators need to offer nuanced, end-of-row access control functionality. The db Enline platform integrates with our db Bus technology to empower organizations to establish the sophisticated security plan they need to protect information assets, even from insider threats.  Without compromising effectiveness, db Enline is our most economical solution.

The db Enline system lets you extend robust authentication methods across an entire row while using a single platform. Users simply select the cabinet they want to unlock, provide their credentials and they are set to get the access they need.

Digitus dbEnline SG

Key features of db Enline
Using db Enline gives users a simple access point that lets them control any cabinet doors within a row. A few key features of the system include:

  • Up to triple-factor authentication – The device interface and keypad that comes with db Enline allows you to combine fingerprints, RFID cards and PIN identification to authenticate a user’s identity.
  • Capacitive finger sensor capable of detecting fake fingers.
  • 12-key steel matrix keypad.
  • Tri-color LED indicator panel.

When combined, these features work within the db Bus architecture to give you the powerful access control functionality you need while minimizing the amount of hardware you need to install.

Unlocking customization through the db Enline platform
A robust access control system has, in the past, come with a large amount of hardware. The db Bus architecture reduces that infrastructure footprint by providing power and Ethernet to up to 64 cabinet door locks. From there, db Enline extends that functionality out to an entire row.

All of these capabilities align to give you more flexibility over your access control system, helping you customize your hardware footprint to optimize every facet of your configuration.