Meet a New Standard in Server Cabinet Access Control:
Dual-Factor Authentication at the Cabinet Door

db DualLock is the industry’s first physical access control solution that enables dual-factor authentication at the cabinet door by combining the power of fingerprint biometrics and RFID smartcard technology.

By storing the fingerprint template(s) on the RFID card, db DualLock eliminates the  requirement of uploading templates to the device, allowing it to integrate with any legacy access control management (ACM) system.

From military installations to large colocation facilities, Digitus Biometrics secures IT assets with the most advanced access control solution on the market today.

Digitus Biometrics, the manufacturer of the world’s only biometric swing-handle, has guaranteed performance and physical security compliance with its indisputable audit trail for many years. The added protection of dual-factor authentication elevates best practices to meet the most rigorous regulatory requirements.