If you work in a sector like colocation, health care, education, defense, government or industry, chances are you’ve run into your share of access control challenges. Organizations in all of these sectors handle extremely sensitive data and must comply with regulatory standards that mandate they carefully control who can access different data sets. You need good locks and great systems to protect against insider threats and track access to different server racks and cabinets.

Single Cabinet Security Digitus db Sentry

Key db Sentry features
From multi-factor authentication to full power-over Ethernet functionality, db Sentry has everything you need.

  • Support for diverse authentication methods – biometrics, iCard functionality, traditional keycards or standard electronic locks.
  • Quick enrollment (less than five seconds) for biometric or iCard locks.
  • POE-compliant.
  • At-the-cabinet authentication capability
  • Storage capacity for 9,500 users and a log of 60,000 events.
  • Encrypted TCP/IP network link for Ethernet integration.

Robust functionality in a convenient package
Physical limitations often come into play when trying to establish sophisticated access control strategies. The reality is that you only have so much space in your server cabinets – especially considering that many of the industries facing strict access control challenges are implementing high-density computing architectures. You don’t want to lose space for servers and storage systems because you are filling your cabinets with access control hardware.

At Digitus Biometrics, we pride ourselves on creating solutions with customers as the priority. As such, we’ve designed db Sentry to require minimal hardware to support the system. In conjunction with this strategy, we have optimized the system to integrate with various environmental sensors so you can easily take advantage of sophisticated monitoring devices without an excess hardware burden.

When push comes to shove, db Sentry is all about protecting your information assets. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t get convenience along the way. db Sentry helps you improve server cable management by minimizing wires associated with the access control platform.

Digitus Cabinet Sentry with BioLocks

Check out the db Cabinet Sentry product sheet for all of the technical and use details of the solution.