Whether you are a colocation provider, cloud vendor ,or a typical business handling data with varying degrees of sensitivity, being able to control who accesses different types of information is of the utmost importance. Organizations in a wide range of sectors face regulatory environments that demand that only certain personnel access different types of information, even if the bulk of the data a company handles can be accessed by any IT employee.

Data center access control technology plays a critical role in governing who can view, manage and otherwise interact with different information. Our db Bus platform is designed to simplify this process by integrating locks across server cabinets so you can control as many as 32 cabinets per bus controller, up to an unlimited quantity via a central management platform.

What does db Bus offer?
Bus architecture principles allow the db Bus biometric access control platform to provide power and an Ethernet connection for as many as 64 locks on cabinet doors. Furthermore, the system doesn’t depend exclusively on biometrics – you can also use RFID technology, keycards, iCard devices and/or PIN identification to verify a user’s authority to unlock a cabinet.

Digitus db Bus Revised-01

All told, the db Bus system offers a few key operational benefits:

  • Built-in audit trail so you can document who is accessing different systems without creating new clerical work.
  • The ability to create robust access control while limiting the amount of hardware inside cabinets.
  • Integrated enrollment platform that lets users register in the system in less than five seconds.
  • Central DAS-SQL platform lets you manage the entire system through a central application.
  • Advanced access control features – one-click system lockdown, anti-tampering tools, propped/forced door sensors and access time restriction capabilities.

These are just the major features of the db Bus platform, but they highlight the overarching principle of what the system offers – db Bus lets you establish a sophisticated access control architecture without creating complexity for end users. The solution gives you the balance of convenience and security you need to make sure access control best practices are followed at every level of your organization.

How does db Bus work?
The core technology of db Bus is a classic IP architecture that creates a closed bus network between devices so they can communicate with one another freely without being exposed to the network as a whole. The management platform for the bus is then connected to the company’s network so the servers hosting the management platform can be accessed by any user connecting to the system. This creates a functional environment in which a single piece of hardware can connect with a large number of locks and give you the nuanced access control functionality you need.

Using db Enline to get more out of db Bus
Our db Enline product is designed to complement db Bus by providing end-of-row functionality within the bus architecture. This unlocks a variety of advanced features, including multi-factor authentication and the ability to integrate temperature sensors and environmental monitors into your system.

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