nexusRegardless of whether you need an end-to-end building access control platform or a simple electronic lock on a storage closet, we have the combination of technology and expertise needed to make sure your assets are safe – – and not just from thieves and insiders, we also protect you against regulatory audits.

A building access control system from Digitus Biometrics, among other things, features:

  • Multi-factor authentication, including biometric door access.
  • Automated access documentation.
  • Support for man traps and passback protection.
  • Network connectivity for management.
  • Independent operations so network connectivity isn’t required for authentication.

These features come together to create an extremely powerful access control platform, but our ability to integrate with a variety of lock types and deliver diverse authentication models makes the robust technology we offer accessible to a wide range of organizations.

Your facility is the first line of defense against physical security threats. Regardless of the types of rooms you need to protect, you need to put multiple layers of access control into place to make sure only authorized personnel gain access to data and assets. Our access control platform lets you finely tune every component of your system so you can find the right balance of convenience and security to protect every part of your building. A few of the most noteworthy areas where our technology gives you plenty of options include:

User authentication
Our lock system uses a minimum of dual-factor authentication in which users provide two forms of credentials. These usually come in the form of a PIN and a fingerprint reader. You can also deploy a three-credential system using PIN, fingerprinting and an HID iClass card reader for multi-factor authentication. An iClass card uses RFID technology to match radio frequency signal between the card and the lock, creating a convenient way for the two devices to share information.

Integration with building management systems
Our DAS-SQL Software platform can work alongside major building management software solutions to let you view all of your facility management systems through a single plane of glass. For example, security guards can monitor access control data from our software while also looking at reports in the building management solution that your company is using.

We’ve designed this interoperability to separate the ability to view the access control software from the ability to manage it. As such, you don’t need to load the entire building management platform every time you want to interact with access control functions – and vice versa.

Managing a complex facility is difficult work and you don’t want to create an access control system that inconveniences your staff in too many ways. People tend to take shortcuts to get around convenience problems, and our software provides the ease-of-use necessary to make sure best practices are followed at all times.

Fail-safe design in case of disaster
A network-based access control system is great from a management perspective – you can adjust user authentication and credentials from a variety of locations and communicate those permissions to all of your locks. However, it can create problems if your biometric door access system needs a network connection to work. What happens when the network goes down?

The Digitus Biometrics building access control system prepares for this contingency by allowing locks to connect to the network for management while also enabling them to verify user credentials and open doors without requiring connectivity. As such, your locks will operate offline without any problem and you can be sure that doors will work exactly as they should, even in a disaster event.

Robust software
Besides integrating with major facility management systems, our building access control software gives you the ability to manage your system over an unlimited number of workstations – giving you a rare combination of power and convenience. Our software provides diverse functions, including:

  • A built-in event and system monitoring interface.
  • Alert notifications that can reach users via SYSLOG alerts or email.
  • Built-in reporting so you can create an automated audit trail.
  • Scalability – Manage thousands of access control units from a single workstation.
  • Partitioning – Segment different user groups to segregate who sees what components of the management platform.

Powerful hardware plays a vital role in protecting your building, but the best hardware in the world won’t make a difference if you can’t manage it well. We give you a cutting-edge software platform to make sure you get the most value possible from your access control investment.

The full power of biometrics
Biometric fingerprint door locks are becoming more accessible all the time, and our advanced lock systems let you use the technology to manage user authentication in a variety of ways. You can choose which fingers serve as credentials, set a duress finger to alert for unauthorized access in an emergency situation and take advantage of emerging biometric identification methods.

Taking full advantage of our building access control solutions
Our building access control technology is delivered through two primary models:

  • db Nexus – A system focused on providing access control to individual rooms, hallways, building entrances or offices using either dual-factor or multi-factor authentication.
  • db Nexus Duo – A system that offers everything available in db Nexus, but with the additional benefits of man traps and anti-passback functionality.

At Digitus Biometrics, our company culture centers around constantly driving innovation to meet our customer demands. To this end, the db Nexus is designed to capture core access control functionality to make robust technology accessible for businesses, while the db Nexus Duo offers the sophisticated features that support some of the most secure buildings in the world.

Controlling movement within your facilities may seem like a daunting challenge, but we have the combination of technology, expertise and flexibility needed to help you easily create and manage the right system for your needs.