Helping Establish Trust With Your Managed Services Customers

At Digitus, we understand the level of trust your customers have in your managed services solutions determines the long-term relationship you may have.  The very nature of the managed services business puts your engineering and technical personnel directly in contact with the IT assets of your customers.  The degree of trust a customer may have is determined by the security systems used to insure that the right individuals have access to the right technology at the right time.

Proven, Real-World Solutions

Managed services providers like TDS Telecommunications Corporation and private cloud providers like ScaleMatrix in San Diego, California secure their customers’ assets with Digitus Biometrics technology, using Digitus systems to control access to entire building envelopes including exterior spaces, lobbies, internal hallways, data rooms, and individual server cabinets.


  • Ensure the highest level of customer trust with 100% secure biometric control of access throughout managed facilities.

  • The best physical security from the front door to the server cabinet door, with an indisputable audit trail covering all access points.