Meeting Today’s Ever Changing Business and Commercial Challenges

More than ever before, business and commercial industries  are subject to regulatory audits and enhanced security requirements.  To accurately track and document who, what, when and where can be a daunting task.  Digitus provides indisputable audit trails that show exactly who accessed which doors, and at what time, throughout a single facility or multiple facilities located anywhere in the world.

Digitus solutions are used to protect access to buildings, and then to control specific authorization to such sensitive areas as development labs, accounting departments, server closets, record rooms, human resources departments, equipment areas, and more.  All the required reporting data is automatically provided to you where and when you need it.

“Since the installation of the first 4 units, Derst Baking has requested the installation of a reader at every entrance door. The system is very user friendly and only takes seconds to add a new user to the system. I would highly recommend the services and products that Digitus Biometrics has to offer.”

Paula C. Kessler Environmental, Safety & Security Director Derst Baking Company, LLC