Protecting Your Critical Healthcare Data 

Digitus-Biometrics is a leader when it comes to biometric control and physical solutions for the healthcare industry, including highly-sensitive patient and other healthcare data. Healthcare is highly personal. The data collected by professionals is intensely private, and, in the hands of the wrong individuals, can be exploited in many negative ways.  Our solution provides a unique combination of proprietary software, fingerprint recognition technology and unique system configurations that ensure this data is protected from both outside and insider threats.

Proven Solutions for Your Healthcare Security Needs

World-class healthcare institutions like Duke University Medical CenterMemorial University Medical Center and Curtis & Elizabeth Anderson Cancer Institute, and Wake Forest of Regenerative Medicine Medical Center use Digitus technology to restrict and control access to research facilities, radioactive and biohazard areas, cancer treatment rooms, animal research facilities, and experimental control areas.

100% accurate biometric access control of research facilities, vivariums, and biohazard areas.

“Since the installation of the Digitus system, I am much more confident in the security of the animals, personnel, and research in the vivarium. I no longer have to worry about keeping unauthorized individuals out of this area and have better control over when and where access is granted. The software is also extremely user friendly and easy to navigate. Better security also eases any concerns that investigators have about the integrity of their animal colonies and assures them that only certain personnel have access.”

Jessica A. McLaughlin, B.S., LATg Curtis & Elizabeth Anderson Cancer Institute at Memorial Health University Medical Center