The Latest in Biometrics: Dual Format Authentication

The Latest in Biometrics: Dual Format Authentication

As our complicated world technologically evolves, challenges naturally ensue to harness and properly use the technology. These challenges become much more serious and difficult when the rate of technological change increases. As you know, significant time is often necessary to understand, implement, experience and adjust to the new technology if it is to be enjoyed efficiently and effectively. Of course, while most of us reading this blog embrace the productivity, comfort and other lifestyle rewards that technology advances offer, the reality is that it is morphing at a historically high speed and there is every reason to believe that it will only continue accelerating with no satiation in sight. Like John D. Rockefeller’s reply to the question of, “How much money is enough,” our ever-consuming, ever-competitive population responds similarly when asked, “How much technology is enough?” In case you were wondering, Rockefeller’s famous answer was, “Just a little bit more.”

Sure, there are always problems and frustrations with the rapidity of technology’s advances. We barely get used to one way and then its replacement is upon us. Nevertheless, we have always seemed to adjust…so far…without them ruining our lives. If that word, ruining, is too harsh, then may I use controlling or dictating, or even exposing. That is, however, about to change. If I may over-simplify, the problems and frustrations that technological progress has placed upon us have been largely minimal compared to the effects that it will soon impose. In past decades, the downside of new technology was primarily limited to frustration, inconvenience and the cost of keeping up with it. But we have entered a new age wherein technology – good or bad – is personally invasive, as it is beginning to tie biometrical properties to everything, including clothes, mobile devices, cars, accounts, shopping, energy, parenting, friends, self-worth, and ______ (fill in the blank). Unless properly designed, implemented and regulated, inevitable biometric imprints – – your personal biometric modalities – – will control, dictate and expose how you come and go. The operative word there is, properly.

Without a doubt, the singular great thing about biometrics is that, when used properly as a method of identification, it is perfect. Only you are you. And unlike a card, fob, token, password, PIN, photo or key, you are never misplaced, broken, forgotten or expired. Well, you know what I mean. You are ultimately the most convenient, definite and accessible verification of yourself. And since The Internet of Things is code for the forced technological interaction with everything, it is awesomely important that access to all things is enabled only by those who have the proper authority to do so. But a bit of priority triaging. While one day you may need to provide DNA to enter your child’s daycare facility, or confirm your EKG-print to your running shoes to initiate your workout profile, there are more critical applications that biometrics solve for, at least insofar as business data is concerned.

That is why Digitus Biometrics exists. We have uniquely and properly designed biometric security to do the awesome things that it should, without compromising personal privacy. Digitus has solved for perfect access into and out of secure areas and enclosures to protect critical data, systems and assets. When it comes to accessing enclosures that house IT equipment, systems, hazardous materials, valuable assets and even private conversations, trust but verify is not a consideration, as trust is subjective…and security must never be that. Companies rightly need to objectively ensure that only those persons with a need to access the enclosure – – the rack, cabinet, room, cage, vault – – are allowed to do so under the parameters set by the organization’s security policy.

Lest the word Biometrics in our name mislead you, for companies and personalities that prefer card-only authentication, we provide that – including iClass cards possessing the latest generation of encryption. To be fair, company cultures and legacy systems still dictate the sole use of cards and there may be rational reasons for briefly continuing down that path…up to a point. Cards can be awkward to manage. Aside from having to carry them or look geeky wearing them, they get lost, get technologically bypassed, require inventory management, and worse, get counterfeited and stolen. Biometrics, on the other hand, remove all of these negatives. We used to say that, by its nature, biometrics eliminated the plausible deniability that the unauthorized person had no fault in the breach. How many times has your security officer been told, “It wasn’t me!” claiming that their card/key/fob/token/password/PIN must have been misappropriated. But with Digitus’ access solutions, not only is plausible deniability forever gone, but there is no longer any breach to even get to that point.

Digitus Biometrics now provides the ultimate access security. While we have built our company’s performance reputation on unique biometric devices to secure data equipment enclosures and pedestrian entrances, we recently announced the best of both worlds. Digitus’ new DualLock combines biometrics and card technologies. Built directly into the data center cabinet’s handle is the fingerprint reader and card reader, requiring dual-authentication at the cabinet!

No longer are you required to authenticate with just a card, or just a finger, or at the end of the row. Finally, there is an access security product on the market that ensures, without any doubt – – at the enclosure door – – that you are you, that you are permitted, and that you are doubly verified.

The greatest fear of advancing technology is that it outstrips our privacy and practical security. Digitus products are designed to provide the best of all possibilities:

  • Hyper-Security
  • Absolute Privacy
  • Best-in-Class Efficiency
  • Uncompromised Effectiveness

And yes, we integrate with your enterprise access control software.

Make no mistake, at some point in the not-too-distant-future you will be applying your biometric modalities to accomplish your daily personal and business affairs. To a large extent you already embrace the imposition of technology; its good, its bad, and its ugly. In terms of access security, biometrics is inevitably becoming the standard and, frankly, with Digitus Biometrics, there is no bad or ugly. With Digitus, as they say… “It’s all good.”

For more information, a value prop discussion, or a simple demonstration, just contact us at info [at] digitus-biometrics [dot] com

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