Small business data security just as relevant as larger enterprises’

Small business data security just as relevant as larger enterprises’

While big business data center security is an oft-discussed topic, small business' need for high-quality data protection is regularly ignored. Companies need make sure they are focusing on security measures regardless of size as privacy and security compliance demands grow.

According to eWeek, 22 percent of small businesses are not compliant with data security standards for payment and point-of-sales. Additionally, 14 percent of firms were unaware of whether or not they are in compliance, a study by Lightspeed Research found, with 55 percent being unaware of local security requirements and 40 percent without adequate policies in place to enforce compliance. The main issue, however, is that firms are unaware of the best ways to protect their data.

"This survey was eye-opening for us. Despite looming threats and stiff compliance penalties, more than a fifth of SMB retailers are still not PCI compliant, while many are falling short of security best practices like password safety," said Patrick Bedwell, vice president of product marketing for Fortinet, according to the news source. "The survey also confirmed that – as with larger retailers – SMBs have a strong interest in big-data analytics, as well as standalone products that incorporate both network and physical security capabilities within a single appliance."

The optimal way for SMBs to enhance their data security practices is to implement physical security measures. Biometric-based access control such as fingerprint scanners for server rooms and racks will ensure that data is completely protected on a physical level, eliminating risk of theft or interference by malicious parties. This applies a stronger foundation for data security needs and protects companies against the growing risk of physical theft.

Physical security provides a critical building block for overall data security as it establishes a literal boundary that keeps information within the confines of a business' control and protects it from misuse and theft. This creates a peace of mind that enhances a firm's ability to cope with other threats and boosts overall productivity.

Over time, security concerns will only continue to grow, making compliance and optimization now a critical priority. Businesses that focus on improving their security protection now will be able to rest easy tomorrow, and focus on other key areas such as boosting productivity, enhancing workflow and optimizing the leveraging of that data they have protected.

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