Should rack security be your top concern?

Should rack security be your top concern?

While cybersecurity and overall data center security are oft-discussed topics, the physical protection of the individual server rack is often left by the wayside. However, taking protection to the rack may be one of the best ways to keep data safe and secure, especially as the popularity of colocation and hosted data increases.

According to Continuity Central, real-time server rack security may be the only way to truly ensure the level of data center protection that businesses need today, both for their own peace of mind and to comply with government regulations.

Due to increased diligence regarding cyberthreats, physical attacks on data centers are becoming more popular. The news source notes that while a firm may have incredible protection from a hacker, someone posing as an engineer could slip into its rack room and install a KVM switch, effectively taking control of its server and gathering data whenever he or she wanted. A locked cage might do the trick, but if said intruder was able to gain access to the server room, who is to say he or she can't get the key to the cage. Additionally, if that key is lost or stolen, legitimate employees would lose access, hurting productivity and overall efficiency. This is why more firms need to consider biometric security for their data center needs.

Biometric technology provides enhanced security and eliminates the risks mentioned above as it relies on fingerprints or other "keys" that are nearly impossible for an engineer to lose. Furthermore, by implementing security that pairs to the individual, rather than an inanimate object, the risk of theft is almost completely diminished.

There are cost benefits to going with biometric security at the rack level as well. Rather than trying to implement building wide biometric measures, or even advanced security options, companies can selectively secure their server racks as needed. This is particularly beneficial in a colocation situation for several reasons, as the news source reported. One major factor is the option to actually reduce the number of servers used. With a cage option, a colocation provider might demand that a business rent a specific number of racks, as that is what fills a cage. With biometrics, however, a firm can use only the racks it needs, reducing costs by thousands a year.

Optimally, data center security need not be a concern. However, this isn't a perfect world. Luckily for enterprises, near-perfect solutions exist to keep data safe and secure where it's supposed to be.

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