The Latest Industry Requirements In Biometric Access Control

The Latest Industry Requirements In Biometric Access Control


In this week’s blog, I’d like to share with you an increasing industry requirement that we frequently encounter across the globe. This demand was also pounded home by industry leaders attending last week’s ASIS International trade show in Anaheim. Specifically, customers want biometric security at their server cabinet enclosures, but they often want the option of seamlessly tying it into their enterprise access control system as well.

Until now, there has never been a solution to accommodate this need. For years, Digitus Biometrics has not only been the leader, but actually the sole provider of the world’s only biometric access solution embedded in the cabinet handle. And until now, it has been sufficient to operate via software that was independent from the enterprise management software. Indeed, many companies’ security policies and culture still actually prefer to have separate systems for their data center and telco server racks versus their enterprise pedestrian doors and video solutions. Aside from some regulatory requirements dictating such separation, this preference was largely due to the Digitus system being seen as a superior data center and specialty enclosure niche whose monitoring, alerting and reporting capabilities were more reliable, secure, and user-friendly than existing enterprise access control systems. But lately, global companies who have invested large sums and resources into their enterprise access control management (ACM) systems have a strong economic and efficiency motivation (if not a corporate mandate) to integrate cabinet access controls into their enterprise ACM platform.

Enter BioConnect. In conjunction with Entertech Systems, Digitus Biometrics recently announced a new technology partnership between Entertech’s world-class BioConnect identity management platform and the Digitus db Bus and db Sentry controls for server cabinet access. The result is a new, fully-integrated solution that perfectly synchronizes with major ACM solutions.

Is your company using – – or planning to use – – one of these ACM software packages?

ACT AMAG Avigilon Axis Brivo
Gallagher Genetec Honeywell Imron Lenel
Mercury Open Options Paxton Prodata Key PCSC
RS2 S2 Security Software House Stanley Vanderbilt

If so, we are ready for you. BioConnect now allows you to have the superior Digitus Biometric cabinet access solution while managing only one database, one enrollment, one platform – that of your enterprise ACM.

For more information or a demonstration, contact us at info [at] digitus-biometrics [dot] com

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