Is data center growth a security risk?

Is data center growth a security risk?

As big data trends continue and businesses rely more and more on technology as a problem solver, they turn to data centers to optimize their data management, analytics and storage needs. Of course, this means that, over time, these data centers have to grow, adding new servers or even new construction to them. This means introducing unfamiliar faces and personnel, even if for a short period of time, and it can also mean new security risks for the facilities.

Many firms and media outlets are focused on data center optimization as a way to improve their productivity and security. However, before these efforts can even be considered, companies need to consider their building access control solutions and the best way to protect their servers and facilities during periods of growth and improvement. Changing out systems, building new structures and adding on to a data center can put it at its weakest and authorized access often goes out the window in order to facilitate swift turn around on the changes. As such, firms have to consider taking  security measures to the server rack, by implementing high-quality biometric technology.

Server rack security options eliminate risks beyond traditional access control solutions, especially in situations where new people are temporarily allowed free reign of the facilities. By limiting the servers themselves to only authorized personnel, businesses can ensure that upgrades and new hardware installations go quickly and efficiently – without worrying about unauthorized access to their most sensitive systems. Furthermore, these efforts can be scaled to whatever the business needs, taking security to several different levels, from specific wings to room access control or even individual servers.

The scalability of biometric security isn't the only benefit either. Companies will be able to optimize workflow due to faster, more efficient accessibility to authorized parties, while increasing actual security through the elimination of weak points such as keys, magnetic cards or passwords. Furthermore, anti-passback and dual authentication systems can be integrated to fully optimize safety, especially with so many unfamiliar faces moving around.

Whether updating the data center or simply taking security to the next level, biometrics offers the growth and opportunity that businesses need to succeed by moving forward without opening themselves up to security risks. Ultimately, this is the most important factor toward facilitating change and entering a more dynamic economy that consumers can trust.

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