Healthcare explores mutli-tiered data center security protection

Healthcare explores mutli-tiered data center security protection

As biometric technology explodes and stronger and better security methods are developed, many healthcare executives are exploring multi-tiered options to protecting their server cabinets and data centers. A Data Centers report recently showed that company decision-makers are putting their focus on physical security more than ever before. More information can be lost, says Data Centers, from someone sneaking through security and gaining access to the physical facility than by actual hacking.

New biometrics can help
Biometric technology  employs state-of-the-art fingerprint scanning as a method of keeping unauthorized personnel out of the data center or server cabinet sections of the facility. The scanning procedure limits outside entry and allows for security staff to diversify their strategy and target other critical operations within the plant. Having a mantrap device is a great secondary defense after the initial fingerprint scan. Limiting entry points to the building is also a step that executives are looking at. Having fire exits only open outward cuts down the chances of someone walking through that door during a fire drill or emergency situation.

Protecting the server rack is, perhaps, the most critical aspect of any healthcare operation. Having another level of security to gain access to this vital area is paramount to company executives. Hardening the server room to all but expert personnel can be done with biometric technology and some experts say it is much more effective than a passcard or key application. A Security Info Watch story said that without making the server room more secure, a thief with a thumbdrive can wreak havoc on a business.

Multiple layering as an effective server rack and data center security solution is being debated amongst healthcare industry executives. No debate exists, however, about how biometric technology is helping security teams across the country as they work to protect vital personal and proprietary data.

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