Fraud protection through biometric technology

Fraud protection through biometric technology

The pace of technological evolution in the Twenty-First century marketplace is fast-moving and woe be unto those companies that don't keep up with the changes. Numerous losses have been reported in 2014 due to data center security breaches and many of those breaches have been found to come from company insiders – employees who are unhappy or have grudges against the company.

Theft and Fraud
Because many companies are still using traditional security disciplines to protect their data centers, access controls like keys and passcards are able to be hacked or stolen allowing unsecured access to sensitive areas. Companies can easily protect against fraud and theft by changing to biometric technology, said an article on the Contact Wire service. 

External attacks
Targeting external incursions into the company's sensitive and critical data can be difficult using traditional security technologies. Because key and pass security options need security questions and password protections, they are vulnerable to malicious personnel trying to gain access to server cabinets or the data center. By installing biometric technology, a company can effectively lock down its facility against any external concerns trying to gain physical access to the facility. 

Health care protection
The health care industry is just one sector that is increasingly looking towards biometrics for protection. A number of breaches including one at a Montana hospital where patient information was accessed has industry executives looking for stronger methods to shore-up their data centers. A recent article in American Sentinel showed how biometrics has helped in those institutions that have chosen to deploy the new methods of security. Using fingerprint scanning technology has helped with patients receiving correct medication, cutting down on distribution errors, reducing fraud in the billing department and by protecting the data center through biometric access control.

An article from All Business talked about how business owners and managers are deciding whether biometrics is right for them and their company's bottom line. With so many different products on the market company managers are inundated with multiple options so it's hard to make the right choice. But protecting the data center is the most critical aspect of any security operation and biometrics provide a solid and secure option for them. Controlling access to the area needs to be Priority One for a security team and the fingerprint scanning method gives security the tools they need to ensure that no unauthorized access occurs.

In many businesses across the United States, passwords are written down on computer screens and any visitor to a company utilizing key or password technology to control access to the data center could easily access vital information with very little problem. Fingerprint scanners prevent having to manage passwords and codes as well as maintaining locks and keys. Fingerprint technology can't be duplicated or stolen and it also prevents problems like tail-gaiting, where someone follows an authorized staffer into a secure area.

Because more vital information is passing into the digital realm following a governmental mandate to have all medical records digitized by the end of 2014, if companies don't protect the data in a solid fashion they are facing huge losses when their data centers are breached.

Fingerprint and biometric technology allow security personnel and management to know that they have solid and firm control of their data centers and server cabinets by using technology that can't be replicated. By scanning an employees' fingerprint, registering it in a database and reading it when the worker logs-in, the company knows it has done it's best to protect personal, medical and proprietary information that could ruin the business if it ever was to fall into the wrong hands.

Biometric developers continue to refine and create tougher, stronger software to combat the ever-changing threats to industry from within and without and business managers are more often than not turning to biometrics for better and.stronger security.

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