Data center incursions can cost billions

Data center incursions can cost billions

Company executives are learning quickly that a security breach at the data center can cost upwards of a billion dollars in loss of data and proprietary information. A recent survey by public/private healthcare and IT partnership, MeriTalk, showed that data loss, unplanned downtime and security breaches cost the U.S. health care industry $1.6 billion annually.

Biometric security helps
As biometric technology experiences rapid growth, developers are unveiling new technologies that are geared toward protecting data centers and server cabinets. Hardening both can help managers and alike hold control over the facilities and the staff allowed to access them. Many losses come from unauthorized personnel gaining access to critical IT infrastructure. Fingerprint scanning, a biometric security measure, is one way to ensure that the correct staffers are where they are supposed to be. Passcards and key access to vital areas cease to become an issue once a company joins the biometric realm.

Executives don't feel adequately protected
In the MeriTalk survey, many company executives indicated they didn't feel their security measures were enough. Eighty-two percent of the organizations surveyed said they weren't prepared for a disaster recovery incident. By utilizing biometric security many companies have found the protection they're looking for.

The fingerprint scanner utilizes non-duplicable technology – a person's fingerprints – as the means of access to critical infrastructure. This prevents tailgating or more than one person gaining access at the same time – a problem oft-seen in passcard or keyed entryways. The scanner also rectifies the problem of lost or stolen keys or passcards. Use of biometric technology makes those access methods obsolete.

While management continues to look for the best ways of controlling access to the data center and server areas of the facility, biometric developers are working to prevent someone inside the company from doing harm or accessing crucial information. Deploying biometric access controls at the main entryway and at every other access point to the data center and server cabinets can provide cutting-edge protection for that executive or security staffer charged with keeping all the company's data safe and secure.

An Infosect Today article offered tips to executives looking to make the investment into biometrics. With threats lurking everywhere and new coming along almost daily, a business owner or company manager should keep up with the latest changes in technology in order to keep the infrastructure safe and the company in business.

Biometric technology is not the wave of the future for those companies. It's the wave of the present.

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