Biometrics standards under consideration

Biometrics standards under consideration

In conjunction with the FBI, Immigration New Zealand and the Ministry of Justice in the U.K., amongst others, the Biometrics Institute is focusing on the promotion of responsible use of biometrics technology.

"When we see a large face detection screen appear at Canary Wharf in London and Google glasses finding greater take up, it reaffirms the need for an independent organization like the Institute to raise awareness about how to use such technologies responsibly," Isabelle Moeller, CEO of the Institute noted, according to Planet Biometrics.

The institute will be considering best practices, standard uses of biometric security and engaging key players within the biometrics community to face some of the main challenges within the industry.

For businesses, perhaps the most responsible use of biometrics is in the data center. Optimizing the use of biometrics for server rack security or building-wide access control and eliminate significant risks while promoting the right mindset for biometrics on a professional level. From fingerprint scanners to facial recognition, biometrics can be the key to unlocking significant security and productivity improvements for an enterprise.

Biometrics is a step ahead of legacy security methods due to the personalized nature of protection. Rather than supplying engineers, IT teams and other employees with a key that can be lost, stolen or copied, the individual his or herself is the key. This cuts security threats significantly while eliminating a wasteful step in the process to accessing servers. The Biometric Institute's ideas to expand the recognition of biometrics is an excellent one, as it will promote this type of advanced security practice and show firms just how beneficial it can truly be.

Rather than relying on outdated technologies to protect their data, businesses need to embrace cutting edge solutions that expand their capabilities while ensuring the protection of one of their most vital resources.

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