Biometrics for efficiency in the data center

Biometrics for efficiency in the data center

When it comes to data center security businesses need to balance protection with workflow. In order to maintain efficiency and optimize operations around security measures, many firms are turning toward biometric technology to address these needs.

Biometric security measures optimize efficiency for several reasons. For one, they help minimize the hassle of gaining access to protected areas for authorized personnel by eliminating the risk of losing keys and key cards or forgetting passwords. Secondly, biometrics speeds up access by the speed of a swipe of a finger, rather than taking the time to root around in one's pockets for a card or typing in a passcode.

This speed factors into efficiency, but there are other aspects of biometrics that help improve data center workflow. Companies that deploy biometrics for their building access control are also able to streamline their security efforts to sensitive areas. The increased protection that biometrics means that firms can put access control at the server rack, minimizing risk without impeding general building access. These solutions are equally scalable to server rooms or entire wings of a building.

Finally, the optimization of security through biometric features such as dual-custody authentication and centralized user administration ensure ease of use and minimal maintenance after installation. This boosts the effective protection these solutions bring while minimizing the effort required to keep facilities protected, allowing firms to focus on other essential areas of operation.

Security should always be a second thought in data center workflow, not because it is less important, but because risk shouldn't be a concern. By investing in biometrics, companies can achieve this goal and start moving forward with innovation and other key demands in their operations with peace of mind.

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