Biometric technology continues to take off

Biometric technology continues to take off

With rapid growth and high impact on several industries expected for the future, the biometric security market is going strong in 2014. A recent report on the next generation biometric market by MarketsandMarkets outlines some the major changes occurring within biometrics, as well as benefits that firms can look forward to when investing in building access control and other security solutions that integrate fingerprint scanners and the like.

The most important detail from the "Next Generation Biometric Market by Technology (Fingerprint, Palm, Face, Iris, Vein, Voice & Signature), Function, Application (Government, Defense, Travel & Immigration, Home Security, Banking, Consumer Electronic) & by Geography – Forecasts & Analysis 2" report is expected CAGR of 17.6 percent growth from from 2014 to 2020 of the global biometric market. Current market dynamics, as well as increased high-impact security worries and concerns are driving this growth, including several key trends such as physical access theft.

For data centers and other facilities containing highly sensitive documents and materials, biometric access control is a no-brainer. The ability to minimize access and optimize the control over exactly who can enter a room, wing or building is critical for maintaining security and eliminating threats of theft or tampering. With high-quality solutions that limit access, implement anti-passback control to keep unauthorized entries locked in and dual-custody authorization, there are many combinations of services that will allow firms to maximize the protection of their systems over time.

Biometric technology surpasses key cards and passwords for access control and security, and businesses that invest in these tools today are able to leverage these improvements for other gains, from productivity to cost management, delivering higher-quality service due to the comfort that assured security brings.

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